Corporate Solutions

Ximian® is the leading provider of desktop and server solutions enabling enterprise Linux adoption. Enterprises can cost-effectively deploy, integrate, and manage UNIX and Linux systems across their organizations using software management and Microsoft Office-compatible productivity applications from Ximian.

Ximian desktop, collaboration and software management products and services reduce IT costs to UNIX, Linux, and mixed Windows, Linux and UNIX environments because they:

> Provide ease of use, interoperability, productivity applications, and systems management tools
> Eliminate the need for second PCs or parallel mail systems
> Streamline software maintenance for large populations of Linux and UNIX systems

Common Desktop Across Linux and UNIX

Built on the open source GNOME project, Ximian Desktop provides a complete graphical desktop environment for leading Linux and UNIX systems, including Red Hat, SuSE, Solaris, and HP-UX. Over 1,000,000 users worldwide have already installed Ximian Desktop via the free download or on convenient CDs from the Ximian store.

“Ximian Desktop and Ximian Evolution have resulted in tremendous time and cost savings for the company.”
Rory Hudson
Retail Systems Manager

Robust Productivity Applications

Ximian Desktop includes applications for productivity tasks from word processing and spreadsheet to web browsing, graphics editing, and instant messaging programs, plus Ximian Evolution, the market leading groupware suite. Ximian Evolution provides email, calendar, contact, and task management tools that are compatible with existing corporate standards.

Interoperability with Corporate Standards and Systems

Ximian provides integration with existing systems so companies can support Linux and UNIX users. Ximian Desktop Professional Edition includes Sun® StarOffice to handle Microsoft and other file formats. For messaging and groupware integration, Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange enables Ximian Evolution to function as a Microsoft Exchange 2000 client for email, calendar, contact, and task-list. Companies deploying Ximian software reduce costs by eliminating secondary Windows PCs and parallel email systems.

“Ximian is offering a complete, low-cost productivity solution for Linux.”
Mike Rogers, VP and General Manager
Desktop and Office Productivity Software
Sun Microsystems

Centralized Software Management

Ximian Red Carpet Enterprise lets system administrators install and update software across an entire network. Centralized control dramatically streamlines the software management process, and saves both time and money. Red Carpet Enterprise complements Ximian Red Carpet, a mature, market-leading service which manages software installation and removal, including dependency and conflict resolution, on individual desktop systems. Each month, Ximian Red Carpet handles over 750,000 update sessions, installing 15 million packages from Ximian, operating system vendors, and a growing library of third party software vendors.