Cost of Ownership

Ximian® products and services help companies realize the promise of Linux and open source to lower the cost of technology:

Eliminating the Two PC Problem

With Ximian Desktop, Ximian Evolution and Ximian Connector for productivity and development applications, companies can save up to $2,000 per user on the costs of duplicate or virtual Windows PCs along with Microsoft Office:

Item Second PC Option Ximian Option
2nd Windows PC $1,700 N/A
MS Office license $400 N/A
MS Exchange CAL $67 $67
Ximian Desktop N/A *$0
Ximian Evolution N/A $0
Ximian Connector N/A $69
Total $2,167 $136
Total Savings Per User: $2,031

* Assumes free download of Linux distribution and Ximian desktop.

Easier Software Management

With Linux powering up to a third of corporate servers (IDC) and growing populations of Linux users in their organizations, companies are wrestling with the management of rapidly changing open source software. In fact, customers interviewed by Ximian report spending between 5 and 10 hours per week per user just to update systems.

Ximian Red Carpet Enterprise delivers immediate cost savings by automating and centralizing Linux software management for groups of company servers, desktops and workstations. Across 50 systems (below), the annual productivity savings could reach $166,000:

Item/Activity Manual Software Management Red Carpet Enterprise
Red Carpet Enterprise Server N/A $2,500
Red Carpet Enterprise Client Access Licenses ($200/seat) N/A $10,000
Hours per year *5,200 100
Hourly cost $35 $35
Total maintenance cost $182,000 $3,500
Total $182,000 $16,000
Total Savings Across 50 Systems: $166,000

* Assumes 2 hours a week across 50 end user systems.