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We are the leading provider of desktop and server solutions helping to enable enterprise Linux adoption all over the world. Ximian offers a complete Linux desktop environment and productivity application suite as well as enterprise software management solutions to dramatically reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining Linux systems. Ximian products, in use by over 1,000,000 people worldwide, provide the interoperability, management functionality and ease of use required to integrate Linux users and systems into mixed corporate computing environments.

Ximian had its genesis in the GNOME project, which was initiated in 1997 by Miguel de Icaza, Ximian’s CTO and cofounder. The effort quickly attracted a group of talented architects and engineers, including Nat Friedman, Ximian’s Vice-President of Product Development and cofounder.

The GNOME community is committed to developing operating systems and software using open source principles. The GNOME project was a breakthrough open source community effort drawing on the efforts of hundreds of contributing developers worldwide to produce an open source graphical user interface and essential desktop productivity applications for UNIX, Linux and other free systems. In October of 1999, de Icaza and Friedman founded Ximian (then called Helix Code), attracting many of the leading architects of the GNOME system, to create additional open source products, services and development tools based for GNOME.

Since its inception, Ximian has moved rapidly to spur industry adoption of the GNOME desktop. In August 2000, Ximian helped drive the formation of the GNOME Foundation, which today includes industry leaders Sun Microsystems, IBM, Red Hat, HP, SuSE and others.

The company continues to play a central role in the open source community, providing leadership and core technology to key open source projects and industry groups, including GNOME, the Free Software Foundation, and the recently announced Mono Project, a community initiative to develop an open source, Linux-based version of the Microsoft.NET development platform.

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