Open Source

The Mono Project


The Mono Project is a community initiative to develop an open source, Linux-based version of the Microsoft.NET development platform. The goal is to add the C# language to the arsenal of open-source development tools and allow the creation of operating-system-independent .NET programs.

The Mono Project will provide:

> A C# compiler extending the GNOME development platform that will allow Linux developers to create .NET-compatible applications.
> A complete implementation of class libraries compatible with the Microsoft CLI, enabling developers to create end-user applications as well as web services using the database functionality available on open source systems.
> A Linux version of the Microsoft Common Language Run-Time (CLR) just-in-time (JIT) run-time engine that will allow Linux systems to run .NET applications built on Windows, Linux or UNIX platforms.

More Information:

Ximian’s Developer website, where you can read the project summary and whitepaper as well as press releases and articles related to the Mono project.

The Mono project website, where you can check the status of Mono development, contribute to the project, or learn about developing with C# on Linux.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mono project.


The GNOME Desktop


Started in 1997 by Ximian CTO and co-founder Miguel de Icaza, the GNOME project is an effort to create a free desktop that will run on free systems. The GNOME project includes:

> A set of core libraries and development tools, the building blocks for additional software.
> A desktop environment, including file, window and desktop management and a help system.
> A set of applications, such as spreadsheets, word processors, web browsers, image editors, and music players.

All the while, GNOME software has moved closer toward the goals stated on its website: powerful, developer-friendly Free software that is easy to use, easy to translate to other languages and accessible to people with disabilities such as visual or motion impairment.

Since its inception in 1999, Ximian has been centrally involved in the GNOME project. Ximian is one of the charter members of the GNOME Foundation, a promoter of the software, and a key contributor of code, time, expertise, bandwidth, and funding for the project.

More Information:

The official GNOME project website, where you can learn about GNOME software today and in the future.

The GNOME Developer’s website, with mailing lists, tutorials, project maintainer contact information, and more.

The GNOME News website, which has news about new projects, project updates, and happenings of interest to the GNOME community.

The GNOME Support website, where users can go to find community-based support, documentation, mailing lists, and user forums.